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Video Game Program

Your teen loves games and and tech is the future. Coding is the key to their success. The best jobs in the world now revolve around computers and coding. Tap into their passion and give them a chance to do something they will love. Game Gen believes the best way to teach a student coding is by having them program games they love. 

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We Don't Play Games. We Make Them!
  • Ages 13-18 attend weekly 2 hour studio classes.
  • They gain mastery in coding, math and art.
  • Students learn real job skills by building real video games.
  • Teenagers get a jump on college with our advanced curriculum.
The Experience

Game Gen is a place your teen will love. We speak their language and care what they care about.

  • Amazing teachers who know their stuff. Each teacher is also a working game developer.
  • Awesome curriculum for teens wanting to really learn advanced techniques and build real professional games.
  • Year round and flexible class times. Use our easy online app to book classes anytime.
  • Teens can stay productive at home. They have unlimited access to our lessons online.
  • We work hard! Our students have published over 1000 games and apps.
Student Game Showcase

The above video showcases just some of our students huge body of work. Our program focuses on several key things with our teen students.

  • Build advanced skills in coding and technology critical to students future success.
  • Create an online portfolio of original games and ideas.
  • Exposure to all areas of game production. They also learn art, sound, music, visual fx, marketing and publishing.
  • Learn to publish and sell their own games on the app store. 

Student Portfolios

Our students make amazing games! Their creations have been played and enjoyed by thousands of people worldwide!

The Bees
Undertale Breakout
Clash of the Guitars

Grab a computer and head on over to our student's portfolios at www.gamegen.games. On it you will find 1000's of games created by our students, big and small. Prepare to be blown away!

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