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Always Wanted To Make Games?

The best way to learn to make games is to actually MAKE GAMES!! At Game Gen learn to create your own games and build a portfolio.

  • All our teachers are professional software developers.
  • Our teachers mentor and collaborate with their student to create awesome games.
  • Our students have created and published over 1000 games and apps.
  • Attend class 3hrs a week at our studio and online. 

Learn Game Development

  • You will design and publish your own games.
  • You will learn to create digital art and design sounds.
  • You will learn the psychology of game design.
  • You will design both 2D and 3D games.
  • You will publish your games online and to the app store.

Why should you choose Game Gen?

  • At Game Gen you can make a new game each week. Our curriculum and teachers are simply the best. 
  • Our focus is on you learning the whole process as quickly as possible. You will design and publish your first game within your first few weeks. 
  • Most game development colleges will charge over $100,000 to teach you to make games. We are $109 bucks a month. You cannot beat our price.

Here is a link to EVERYTHING our students have ever made. We are proud of it all! Look in the adult folder. If you like the games then give us a call.

Our Mission

Mentor our students to achieve mastery in
the field of game development. 

Check out some of our student's games on the app store!

South Beach Rush
Adult Developer
Volley Tone
Adult Developer
Happy Paddle
Kid Developer
Advanced Alien Tactics
Teen Developer

Our Studios

  • We have 6 studios in California.
  • Over 200 students.
  • Published over 1000 games.
  • Our studios have limited student enrollment. Once we are full we go to waiting list only.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is created by our founder Nick Marks. Nick has 20 years of experience as a professional game developer and teacher. Nick has had the privilege of mentoring and teaching some of the best game developers in the industry. Here are a few of the games they work on.

The Game Gen Method

  • Learn coding, art, and design concepts in the order humans invented them in. We remix the greatest games ever made.
  • Recreate classic games like Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, and Pac-man.
  • Each project builds in complexity and works towards mastery.
  • You will progress through the decades to present day games.

We make a game out of game development. Each week we pit game VS game to find a winner.

Our students publish their games to GameGen.Games. They see their games played by thousands of visitors each month.

You have dreamed of making games. Time to do it!
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